jueves, 10 de julio de 2014

Blizzard is being very honest with Hearthstone

Blizzard is being very honest with Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft in each and every one of the words that make reference to this F2P's letters. It is simple, is addictive, and is completely free, without drawbacks such as having to wait so that it remains just as free or not preclude the extension of your collection of letters for zero euros.

With the announcement of the expansion mode and single-player adventure, the curse of Naxxramas, it was feared that they would pass the stripe and start charging for content, but no, a wide-ranging expansion is still free (with options to pay to expedite the release process), and here the less take stock of such game coins to avoid having to pay real money is not a repetitive exercise of hogs or turns to the same circuit, but that just play as always has played, only saving coins for this expansion and not to buy envelopes or participate in the sand, but Oops, seems to be worth.

Five wings, five parts of an expansion where each will propose different challenges, different characters who deal with different decks and different powers of Hero (not all limited to two mana crystals by use), and also rewards as new and unique cards that can add to our harnesses (may appear at the Arena but cannot leave in envelopes or be disenchantedYou can only get here and gotten once can forge Golden with powder arcane versions), including a letter for each class that you can get after getting a challenge with a default sledgehammer.

The aim is to get these 30 new expansion cards, but the process is which will give you the variety to Hearthstone, and will not be a process of payment if we do not want. The first section will be free during July, and the successive can buy in pack or by 700 coins each. 2800 coins in total may seem much, but we have time to go save and there is no hurry to unlock them.

That Yes, a detail that seems to not be concerned about anyone despite so much wonder that there is talk of the curse of Naxxramas: an adventure of Hearthstone and so much expectation there is that, however much that is a mode single-player, as well as that with the practice bouts, must be connected to the internet to play with the ever-present Battle.net DRM of through. It is a good measure to avoid traps outside the supervision of Blizzard, but even if there can be a portable version on iPad (and in the future in Android), is still a version attached to a Wi-Fi connection.